Thursday, February 18, 2010

Go Bold or Go Home!

With all the snow that everyone has been having I thought I'd show you a scrapbook page layout you can view. Thanks to DebMelmon Illustration for the background paper. Check her out at:
One tip on adding photos into a page with bright, bold backgrounds, is to keep your photos on the larger scale, keep colors within the same hues and range, and place the colors opposite from each other. Example, the yellows in the background are offset by the yellow in the bottom two photos. Also, the pinks were used to back two of the photos and by adding the pink ski on the side, you'll have balance in the page. Also, note that I DON'T back the photo that has the pink ski glasses with pink paper. This is a common occurrence that I see in scrap booking. By not doing that, you'll keep more balance, versus having the color overstated.

Hope these tips help and feel free to leave comments or ask questions! Thanks for stopping by.

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