Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Be Different Tag

Here is a tag for a scrapbook page. It was made with five different sheets of card stock. I first cut the center pink rectangle. The added the red stripe at the bottom, and then another section, the dot paper. Each was cut for a 3 inch width. Adhere together. Using an antique brown stamp pad, rub the corners to give it an aged look. Next back this new rectangle with the green. Adhere once again. Use push pin brackets on each corner. Use a flourish rubber stamp shape and stamp with the same antique brown color onto the rectangle. For the flower, use a square piece of the lighter deco pink paper, cut into the center (but not all the way) and then angle back out, almost cutting a triangle shape. Just as you get back to the side of the paper, curve it back in, redirecting back into the center. Keep doing this all the way around and you'll then have a flower shape. Adhere this to another piece of red paper, cut around your flower, leaving a small border of red. It doesn't have to be perfect, the more irregular the shape, the more it looks whimsical. Next with your polka dot papers scraps, cut one of the dots out for the center of the flower. Before you attach it, use the stamp pad to antique around it. Then attach. Next cut your leaves. These are with green and the easiest way is to cut three individual leaves using scraps. Curving one side, turning the paper and curving the other side. Use the stamp pad to antique these too and adhere to the back of the flower, just showing a portion of the leaf. Attach the completed flower onto the tag. You can repeat the flower process to make small ones if you like. Last, you can add wording, whether by stamping, stickers, or handwriting. Enjoy!

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  1. what a wonderful quote!! and the layout is absolutely awesome!